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After having a baby it can be tough to get back to moving your body, and to fit in self-care. After having my first baby I signed up for the Mandala Mamas mom and baby yoga series as an act of self-love and I am so glad I did! It can be hard to commit to a series; just getting out of the house with a baby can be such a challenge! Megan knows this and is so kind and flexible. It is so lovely to have the class to look forward to each week! Megan is a breath of fresh air on a tough mom-day: kind, supportive, fun, and committed to ensuring mamas and babies spend at least a little time each week relaxing and moving and taking care of themselves!! The mom and baby yoga format with Mandala Mamas is great - a full hour of yoga followed by some conversation and companionship with other adults (!) which left me feeling happy and restored after every class! Highly, highly recommend! Thanks, Megan!

I attended prenatal yoga classes with Mandala Mamas in my second pregnancy and found it a lovely way to focus on bonding with my baby and connecting with other pregnant mamas.

- Gemma D

I always look forward to these classes each week where I can connect with my body and my little one. Megan is an amazing instructor, she made me feel instantly comfortable my first time. These classes have provided much needed support for me. ❤️

- Amanda B

An absolutely amazing space for community and connection. Megan is so welcoming and authentic, it is truly a treat to attend her classes, her practice offers a wonderful blend of engagement and relaxation. Above all else I love how much support is given and received every time, it is a joy to see relationships blossom between growing mamas, their babes, their bodies, and each other 💕

- Kiah W

I love Megan's yoga classes. I'm currently attending her prenatal yoga series with my second pregnancy. I love the class size and structure as it allows the mom's to really get to know each other and develop relationships. Megan is so wonderful at holding space for us and I love how gentle and relaxing her classes are. I'm always grateful to share my practice with her.

- Jessamyn W

Prenatal yoga with Megan has been a dream. The gentle pace of her classes encourages a restful state (which I crave though pregnancy) and is just what I've been looking for. Megan herself is an absolute joy. She is kind, relatable, and honest about her experiences through pregnancy and motherhood. I encourage any mama-to-be looking for a couple hours of quality downtime and self-care to go spend an afternoon in class with Megan.

- Rachel B

Megan has created such a welcoming, supportive and relaxing space for mamas to be! I have found growth within myself beyond the practice of yoga with the valuable sharing time she has created at the end of each session. I feel more connected to my body and the journey I am about to embark and making wonderful friends along the way!

- Kezia W

I absolutely love yoga with Megan! She makes it so enjoyable yet easy or hard depending on what you need that day. I did prenatal yoga with her when I was pregnant with my daughter and am now doing her mama and baby class. I cannot say enough great things about it. I always look forward to attending as I know it will be great everytime. Plus it's great to get out and meet new mamas through yoga. If anyone is ever hesitant about attending, please do so! You won't be disappointed!

- Amanda W

I absolutely love Mandala Mamas! Megan offers such an empowering, compassionate prenatal yoga class. She is a wealth of knowledge on how to modify, and make yoga safe for each stage of pregnancy. Once my baby was born we did her mom and baby yoga, which was so needed for my mental and physical health as a new momma. Her classes offer a sense of community, an opportunity to bond with your baby. I loved our weekly outing and meeting other new moms, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this journey!

- Heather P

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